The Hobbits of BHRR's Bilbo & BHRR's Baggins were at the Vet with me yesterday and…..

Hobbit Bilbo now weighs – 12.5 Kgs(27.5 pounds!)
Hobbit Baggins now weights – 11.2 Kgs(24.42 pounds!)

Sniff…they are growing up….and FAST!

At the rate they are growing, they should be around 75-80 pounds when full grown….yet, I shall see what their next visit weigh-in looks like. Could just be a growth spurt!

Ears, hearts, lungs, joints are great for both!
Eyes for Hobbit Bilbo thumbs up too!
Eyes for Hobbit Baggins much improved since last visit….in discussing with his Vet last night, there are some theories on this and he could possibly continue to improve as he ages and could end up with zero impairment as he matures. They are going to research more. He is still not 100% 'normal' yet, he is NORMAL to all that know and love him!

The Vet believes that it could be a developmental thing with BHRR's Baggins and that as he ages, his eyes will become stronger and more normal and he could well end up with no impairment. NEW ground for me in this!

Matters naught to me if he is or is not visually impaired> I have been working on his scent and touch training and he has been ROCKING it! The puppy that once was so scared he screamed and cowered behind all before I got him from what I was told when he was first picked up and the puppy that wedged himself behind my one toilet is NO longer! HE is rocking his leash and his sit and his is one personality filled dude! HE is brill!

BHRR's Bilbo is much 'softer'….and he did not get all in the brains area….. 😉

AND here is a VIDEO taken of The Hobbits with our PRU FREEDOM DOG Sir-Bounce-A-Lots on April 28th, 2013