THE great news is that we can now let Samari off leash when we go outside for walks on the property for he is recalling well. Of course, this is not done in Cletus’ presence for the two of them are characters and develop ‘selective’ hearing! We are working on that. He has really come out of his shell. His new home will have to understand that Sam will most likely have a large ‘set’ back when leaving us yet with lots of love, patience and consistency; I am positive that he will not take long, especially with Cletus the ‘goob’ by his side to begin facing the world with his head held high. Sam has been doing quite well in public settings and with lots of comfort plus reassurance by us; he is showing more confidence. He is still fairly ‘velcro’ in public yet at home; he ventures quite happily from our sides to explore. He does tend to keep an eye on us though and we just call out that we are here and that things are ok.