Sam let me gently loop a long leash around his neck last night without any stress. He did not even try to tuck in between my legs. He was not even wearing his harness and we went for a short walk. I have not yet worked with collars with him and I can only keep saying how proud I am of Sam and how fast he is adjusting and I know that it is more to do with Cletus than myself. His leash manners are really good and he is now starting to lean less into me when we do go for a walk. It is only when he is unsure of things that he gets really close to me for safety and reassurance. It is to be expected that when he is adopted that he will have setbacks. Patience, consistency, routine and lots of love is what Sam needs to become adjusted to his new surroundings. He cannot be rushed and he will be adopted to a home that is experienced with Great Danes as he is very sensitive to correction, ‘checks’ and even a raised voice can ‘crush’ him. He is getting better listening to the kids yell, run and scream in joy and just lies there watching them with a curious, slightly interested look now instead of showing some shyness of their flighty movements. We had company over this weekend and he felt comfortable approaching them on his own account AND I am so jealous for he gave Cathy kisses!!! Actual kisses!!! 🙂 He knew that he had his ‘safe’ spot to go to if at anytime he was uncomfortable.