For the first time since Samari’s arrival, HE slept on the bed last night cuddled with two other dogs and Sean. Sean has been sleeping in one of the guest rooms with Sam to give him some extra loving. Tonight, Sam had his best play session to date. He was running with three other Great Danes and Guinness outside and having an absolute blast. He was wagging his tail, running and jumping and doing the zoomies! It was fantastic! Sam continues to demonstrate to us no aggression in respect to his bowls. He is now interacting daily with 11 other dogs inside and outside of the house and is doing awesome. We will test him with pig ears within the next week. While we are still learning a lot about Sam and his needs; we have determined that he will only be adopted to a home that currently has at least one other dog that Sam feels he can truly bond with and/or he must be adopted out along with Cletus. They are very special to each other.