ISO: dates with men & women! As always, not for me…. 🙂

This is for BHRR's Canvas. He is now ready for those next out of BHRR steps. He has put on 40+ pounds in rehab here and he is finally now ready to move to his next behavoural and emotional rehab journey. 🙂

As a few are aware, he is an absolute goofy spazz around those he now trusts and loves and his tail is a nonstop helicopter spin in his happiness of wagging it nonstop!!

I have been working slowly with him with car rides and visiting quiet places and now, I am seeking dates as part of our BHRR visitation rehab programs.

I am looking at setting up mutually convenient time/date at approved people's homes for me to take him and sit and chat and keep him moving forward to the land of living outside of BHRR. This boy had a real abusive past and it has been baby baby baby steps.

If anyone is open and interested in becoming part of his circle of set-up for success, please EMAIL


We now have three approved Volunteer homes signed up! Would like one or two more! 🙂