The wee Hobbits came to work with me on Monday and WOW! Better and better and better! 🙂

More outgoing and social and the housebreaking is getting there…. 😉

BHRR's Baggins' car sickness is almost completely gone now…just some very mild wet chin. They had to have been so stressed on Friday and then with me taking them in yet, another car ride on the Saturday. Poor BHRR's Baggins had a puke in the car on Saturday and I had heard that they got sick on Friday on the transport.

YET, nothing on Monday!

BOTH are great travellers.

BHRR's Baggins weighed 6.4 kgs(14.08 pounds)
BHRR's Bilbo weighed 7.1 kgs(15.62 pounds)

They are still skinny and a lot more hydrated and putting on the weight wonderfully! 🙂

ANOTHER huge hit day for them at KAH! 🙂