BHRR's 'Rook's' real home may have been found. He had been picked up as a stray, was at the shelter since early Feb. and then came to us recently. I am currently in touch with this home and will update as I can. in the meantime, we have been treating his happy tail, de-wormed, heartworm tested him etc.

This is one reason why I have not posted photos, videos or updates as I want to really be sure that nothing is given away to make it easy should this NOT be his real home to identify him.

We are investigating re: this Dane. If it is their dog, the name is 'Mozart' and there are several things that well indicate that he was a much loved boy at one time. We have travelled this road with other dogs in the past and if this is their beloved boy, he will be returned to them. Many of us have been in a situation whereby a dog was spooked and ran off, a gate left open, a collar breaks or slips or a leash comes off etc. Loved dogs do go missing and are stolen. This home has been very proactive in trying to locate their missing dog and we are going through the process right now with them.

He is chipped now….we chip all dogs. AND he was also not neutered when he was picked up and so, we will also educate on why animals should be spayed and neutered. He is also now neutered. The shelter neutered this boy prior to him coming to BHRR and as they can do it cheaper than BHRR can, that was most kind.

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