We notice that there is a group of 20+ perfect/*available canines, not to mention the *Special Haven's like Porridge & *Potter.

While looking at photos of *Cosette & Jersey…It was like looking into a mirror. Oh what a -Wonderful Task- is continually being exercised @ BHRR.

-> What life long -gift- could be granted to a Forever/Home.

Words cannot express the Thank-You needed to be given to
*Mrs. "Gwen" Boers & *Mr. "Sean" Boers….

-> Please help them in some way with their *Daily Crusade….

Afterall…You see, I can speak from -Experience- on how they prepared me for my SUCCESS seven years ago!!!!

*****ALL THE –BEST/BHRR– IN 2013*****

From the Bottom of my HEART…Thank-You,
*BHRR's/ZANE & My Bro/BJ !!!