I wanted to focus this update specifically on LT’s kisses yet I need to post an update on him in regards to his medical worry that caused the added grey hairs he has given me of late! LT has developed a hygroma on one of his elbows and with all of this heat and despite a/c; he would rather lie on the slate or tile floors so it has been a battle to get it go go away. UGH! I am massaging and using tensors and when I had LT at the Vet today; we might have to do a slight draining on it yet will will monitor for now. He has a very slight one developing on the other elbow. What had me most concerned and turning grey was not the hygromas for they are treatable and will go away; is the 3-4 small lumps I discovered on his scalp on the right side on Sunday. I originally thought they were bug bites for they were not play marks as there were no teeth marks on him and by the time Monday night rolled around; it was one lump and not 3-4 smaller one’s. It did not appear to be attached to the skull for I could freely move it and it is a fairly solid(not squishy) lump. So, of course; me; all worried about sarcomas; took him in today and we did a FNA and thorough exam etc. and the contents that we were able to draw out was very ‘cheesy’ and there was no pus. So, with a great big sigh of relief it appears that this lump (as he did not bang himself on anything to cause a swelling either and it was not going away) is either a sebaceous cyst or even a tricholemmoma, both benign. It will not be necessary to remove unless it bothers him; which it does or if it gets larger etc. BIG sigh of relief felt here. It was worth the vet bill to get the reassuring answers. So, now on to LT kisses! He gives the best and softest of kisses and is so much more comfortable in freely giving them and not having to ask for them (AND I ask for them tons! ) 🙂 I weighed LT at the Vet’s and I thought he was plumper! LOL He weighed in at 59.2 KGs(130.24 pounds). So, since LT’s arrival into our authority in March; he has put on 48.25 pounds! WAY to go LT!!!!!! I will have to take his height and new pictures but he ROCKS! So, LT remains perfectly healthy and full of charm! WOOHOO! We are going to celebrate August 11th as his 1st year birthday for that is 5 months to the day since we got him and it is believed he was about 7 months old then.