The hv for a possible adoption for BHRR's Bloom was on Saturday and we had to decline the adoption.

I had my reservations re: her reliability re: cats and the home went in very aware that this may not work as they have two cats.

The humans had already met her a few weeks back when they were at our home and there was very much a mutual connection.

She was great with their other dogs(they are past BHRR adopters too!) as we knew she would be, predictable in her excitement with their gpiggers as we have three ourselves and they were moved to safety.

Yet, one of their cats took an instant dilike to her and she was excited. Not mean or aggressive yet, very excited. She was much more reliable and stable with their other cat yet, when their other cat even moved, she had a certain excitement level too.

So, based upon this, we can 100% rule out her being considered for a home with cats, that has confirmed my suspicions.