SO much to update on this magnificent boy! With these very involved medical and emotional dogs, I like to update the blogs as I go for it just seems to almost 'snowball' and feel a bit like climbing a mountain at the end of the resolution to update all the fans! 🙂 Below are some photos from our traditional Christmas Eve Photos!

On Saturday December 15th, 2012 – I brought BHRR's Bishop back into KAH as he was not doing so well…………

When I weighed him on the 15th, he had gone down to 46.10 KGS from 47.90 KGs. 🙁

On the 10th of December, 2012 he was given a body score condition of 4/10. TO see him go down in weight after the struggle to get him up, was devastating. 🙁

He had a mild discharge plus slight increase lung sounds on the right caudo dorsal side.

His HWT came back as negative on the 12th.

On December 13th, his blood results showed an increase in total protein due to hyperglobulinemia, albumin levels low and normal. ALT increase 322(12-118 normal), Alk phos 272(normal 5-131).

CBC absolute neutrophilia

re: hyperglobulineima possible – tissue injury – inflammation, tumour Check if polyclonal(chronic antigenic stimulation in chronic inflammatory disease, immune-mediated disease, liver disease, tick borne disease vs monoclonal gammopahty(idiopathic benign can occur, also seen with lymphoma, multiple myeloma, erlichiosis).

We then ran a serum electrophoresis and also did a full tick borne disease panel.

Elevation in alt, alk phoso r/o hepatopathy due to inflammatory disease, infectious, neoplastic and so, we also ran a bile acids on BHRR's Bishop.

On December 17th, 2012 – BHRR's Bishop was still having some mild vomiting episodes and the results of his recent testing:

Bile Acid values up only slightly ie 25 pre and post – The Vet spoke to an Antec Vet Consult Vet Specialist and informed that this rise is not significant to indicate liver dsyfunction.
Rise in Globulnis – The Antec Vet Consult Specialist also feels not critically significant to indicate possible monoclonal gammopathy, and is likely some sort of antigenic stiumulation. If over 70, could be more of an indicator for monoclonal spike(seen with lymphosarcoma or multiple myeloma(BHRR's Bishop not showing any associated clinical signs).

We discussed that if he continues to have vomiting episodes and weight loss, we will x-ray plus u/s abdomen plus bring in a fecal.

On December 20th, 2012 – No vomiting over the week, weight loss continues. Started on Mirtarzipine 30 mg daily for the next 3-4 days for appetitie. Tick Panel was completely negative – we tested for 11 different tick borne diseases. Serum electrophotesis: broad polyclonal band – indicating in immunoglobulins associated with an immune response – potential causes with chronic infectious disease(Bacterial, Fungal, Viral). Had purulent nasal discharge at time bloodwork was taken. Possible explanation. Nasal discharge has cleared, finished off Doxycycline course and recheck bloodwork.

December 22nd, 2012: Another vomiting episode on the 21st. Re-visited with Vet. Want to try cutting out all medications and allow system to reset. There really was not more to be done and the other next considered step was a biopsy of the liver. Would try cutting out all medication in case there was a reaction – from the Sulfatrim and then it snowballed with the others meds as his body was so comprmised to begin with. Vet in support of doing this process.

January 2013: BHRR's Bishop put on 14.96 pounds and so, the complete flushing of his system of all medications has deeply enabled him to 're-set' and begin to become healthy. His laters bloodwork results were much more in the normal range. THANK GOD! I was soooooooooooo worried! This dog was so sick and emaciated when he arrived to BHRR and do go backwards like he was…. 🙁 Devastating! We think the sulfur drugs he was on from the pound was what started the whole chain reaction and that is not a medication that we typical give at our Hospital nor with BHRR, so, we are now back on track! LET the weight gaining continue! 🙂

Thank you from my soul and beyond for any possible consideration to his care……even a $1 donation is super!! :)

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BHRR's Bishop – December 24th, 2012 – Traditional Christmas Eve Photos