After a really ‘rough’ start to the night that would have weakened the soul of even the most emotionally hardened invididucal, and, after the Hydromorphone(A narcotic that is 5-7 times stronger than morphine) that I gave to Jaxson around 12:30 AM, he rested fairly comfortably until around 8:00 AM today. Understandably, he peed on his blankets and is all cleaned up. The difference between last night and today is UNBELIEVABLE. The Vet did say that he would be doing much better this AM, but HE did not say that Jaxson would be ready to ‘run’ a marathon! HOLY! This boy is up and ‘at ’em’ like nobody’s business. It is all we can do to hold him back. When I called the Vet with an update, he said that it is amazing what happens in that 12 hour period with a young dog having his/her leg amputating. He does not know why it does but WOW! Jaxson had another HUGE pee outside this time and a fairly normal poop. He has yet to drink anything and the Vet said perhaps by this afternoon, he might. He ate a very small breakfast, took his antibiotics plus pain meds and now he is in his crate missing Sean. He has really really really bonded with Sean and we need to ensure that he continues to socialize and be around tons of other people to continue him along his already wonderful social disposition path. I am attaching a couple of pictures of Jaxson from last night and as much as I have seen in almost 25 years of Rescue work; I can still be surprised by how terrible people can be. For Jaxson to have been just dumped at a Shelter in the condition he was; is deplorable. These pictures are why BHRR exists. TO continue to help those that cannot help and speak for themselves for as clearly told to us by the Shelter, no one else stepped up to help Jaxson and if this handsome sweet boy had been put to sleep, what a loss it would have been to the world. He is incredible!!!! These pictures are graphic yet it is the reality, JAXSON’S REALITY. We continue to plead to the public to please open up your hearts to continue to allow us to assist Jaxson. He has a LONG way to go yet on his ‘Jaxson’s Journey’. He is nowhere near to being ‘out of the woods’ yet….

BHRR’s Jaxson – September 24th, 2009 *Full left leg amputation including shoulder blade