On February 8th, 2013: I received the below email about 2 DBB's who were an inspection case seizure on February 4th, 2013:

"Hi Gwen,
Hope all is well.  
Now I know you need this like a hole in the head, BUT this dog is the sweetest fellow even though deformed.
Does not hinder him in any way.  Down the road he will more than likely develope arthritis (then again don't we all).  Alittle funny running but I think that is not abnormal based on his deformity.
When they examined the dog, the actual eye is blind and shrunken.  Again, he is not in any discomfort. 
I met him myself and he has the most gentle and awesome disposition.  He is very good with other dogs; infact he is non intrusive and a bit of a wosey.  He has no food aggression, no resource guarding and no aggression whatsoever.  He is a kind gentle giant.  He is also very very tall and needs to put on weight.
He did come in with his brother, who is equally adorable however he has severe hip dysplasia and we are probably going ahead with euthanasia. Sad.
Anyways, let me know what you think.  He is too sweet to euthanize.  I cannot sign off as though he may have on ugly eye and one funny looking leg, his character is simply beautiful.
Also Gwen, I did not want to bother you as I know your hands are full.  I tried other rescues but came out flat."

**I responded back immediately that I want to assist.**

I then received the following email in response to mine on February 8th:

"Gwen – he is so special and gentle it hurts!  His brother as well however I cannot save him."

**After a restless night of thinking and tossing and turning, as I was afraid his brother had already been pts before I was even contacted, I decided to just email and sent the below message:

Quick question….can his brother be in palliative care for some quality of life? However long that may be?

Thought I would ask…even of it was a matter of weeks….that would be worth it for me…

Thought, I would through it out there. 

I have had many palliative HD cases and all lived far longer than expected (I had one boy live 3.5 years longer than they gave him and he had an amazing quality filled life) and I do hydrotherapy, chiro, acupuncture and massage with them too.

Just wanted to throw it out.

Later on February 9th, I received the following response to my offer:

"I Gwen,
I don't even know what to say…..
I say OMG YES, but I would have to speak with X as I know X does not want to overburdeon you.  X and I discussed Deisel this week and we realized it was unrealistic to think we could find a rescue for him.  However, we did try regardless because of this character. 
I will ask X if she can give me a copy of the xrays via email.  
I sent you an email with his photo.
How so very generous Gwen.  I will speak with X and see.  I know that he is still alive.
Truly don't know what to say…
I will keep you updated.
You are one hell of a woman Gwen."

Another email sent my way on February 9th:

"Just spoke with X and she X absolutely that he would benefit from palative care.  If you want him Gwen, I will be more than happy to bring him to you.
I cannot even say in words what a generous offer this is."

**I then asked to have some more evaluation and assessments done of the dogs for there had been some conflicting information floating out and about.**

All assessments via email and I was sent many videos was no cause of alarm for any of the three of us involved. I shall post photos and videos soon, yet, wanted to at least catch up on the blogs for these two boys to date. 🙂

The DBB's Boyz were scheduled to arrive on Thursday February 14th and the next update is below. Two travel photos are also attached! 🙂

UPDATE: From February 14th, 2013:

Both are significantly underweight and lack muscle mass and tone. They are siblings and believed to be between 15 months and 18 months max.

BHRR's Pumbaa – was immediately placed in our Haven Program and his x-rays were reviewed by the Vet(I had already seen them) and confirmed to have severe HD. He had been slated to be pts when I first contacted about DDB2 to assist and I had offered up our Haven Program to give him whatever quality of life we could. We are sooooo grateful to have been entrusted with him!!

His stifles were also thoroughly examined to ensure that they were not also affected. He was microchipped and bw also performed. He will begin Hydrotherapy at Canine Water Wellness as soon as we get all the referral paperwork completed. We will look at massage and acupuncture too for him etc. He shall be on Deramaxx when needed and has begun to be dewormed plus placed on Revolution. From how he sits and runs, you would not believe how bad his poor hips are. He is not suffering for all those that may be wondering…he is also not a surgical candidate.

BHRR's Timon – two stories have come our way re:his eye & leg. X-rays plus a thorough exam were done. He also had bw and was chipped and will begin deworming plus placed on Revolution. In his exam, what we also noted was a severe HM, graded as V. He was given a very light sedation as he has this HM to x-ray his heart and leg and to better examine that eye.

His heart is not normal and his HM was also listened to while under sedation. So, we are going to schedule an u/s with Dr. Javinsky to receive a proper diagnosis.

His eye and leg and another healed wound is quite possible from trauma and one story given was that he had been hit by a car and never treated. We know that he was never treated by how his poor leg had fused together. Yet, the timeline does not add up as to what has been imparted to several people of when this accident may have happened. The indications are that this is not an old enough healing process to indicate an accident that long ago.

The eye, sadly nothing can be done. He is blind and it looks like the eye was literally blown and the third eyelid is now all you pretty much see. Behind the third eyelid is a very shrunken eye. Two Vets do not believe that he is in any pain and that any surgery can be done to assist.

The leg x-rays shall be posted on VIN and also reviewed by two specialists yet, the current consensus is that it does not look like there is anything that can be done re: helping him there either.

Sadly, based upon the findings of his heart and until we await the visit with Dr. Javinsky, we are also placing him in our Haven Program. 🙁

Both dogs are also being treated with Doxy for lovely green snot!!

I may be missing a point or two and shall review my notes later…they are safe at BHRR now, were a HUGE hit at KAH and had a great day there!! Model patients and visitors of KAH.

I know a couple of folks have asked what they need etc. and at this time, yes, they both have extensive bills at KAH and a file is set-up for both of them per the above; yet, if both are to be palliative in our Haven Program, for however long we can give them of quality; I would ask for any consideration to be given to personal comfort to them over $$$.

Somehow, the bills of BHRR get paid by angels plus Sean/I and my biggest wish would be more for dog beds, collars and leashes, toys, treats, dog coats and all the comforts they never had, to go their way if people are so inclined. They will never know the joy of a Vet bill being paid BUT they would experience the joy of items of fun and delight and spoiling. 🙂 As with BHRR's Concert, I have for them the same wishes of life fulfilled that I had for her….

Thanks for reading my Gwennie Novel!!

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of 'Birch Haven Rescue' for 'Pumbaa' & 'Timon'. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via PayPal(please use the 'gift' option)

BHRR's Pumbaa & BHRR's Timon's "DREAMS DO COME TRUE" Angels: Donated to Date: $0 & Bills To Date: $1,379.99
Fiona's Mummy – A Collar each and a Blankie each
Caren – A Dog Bed each

One leg of their journey to BHRR – February 14th, 2013(BHRR's Timon on L & BHRR's Pumbaa on R)
*Photos courtesy of D. Groves