On December 10th, 2012, I received the 'story' on him. He weighed 77 pounds upon being picked up, came to BHRR at 108 pounds and still has another 25-30 pounds to go.

Below are some photos of when he was picked up.

I am going to tell you the story of Sanson. We found him at the end of Punta Sam in Cancun on the 29th of September, I was on my car with my dogs and so this beautiful but amazingly skinny giant crossing the street, I got out of the car to call him and with no hesitation he ran to me and kissed my hands. Obviously I had no heart to leave him there so I opened the back of my van and he jumped in with his front legs but didn’t have enough energy to put up his back legs so I helped him up and he just fell asleep. I was on my way to a spaying and neutering campaign Petopia and Tierra de animales had organized so I took him with me with the hopes we could neuter him, once I got there we checked him and he was way too skinny to go through surgery so we fed him and gave him water. In the afternoon I got him back in my car and brought him to Petopia where we cut his hair and took of all the ticks, he was very infested but we were able to clear him after a few hours. His weight at the time was 35 kg (77 pounds) 55 pounds less than what a St. Bernard should weigh. We took him in and started getting him better, we had to measure his food since his stomach was so small we couldn’t just give him much food, so we fed him many times a day but small portions, we did exams to see how he was and obviously he was anemic and also had anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis so we started treating him. We so a difference right away he is a great dog always thankful and playful with everyone and loves to be pet. We didn’t socialize him much since he had no shots and we had to wait for him to get better, now it seems he does ok with some and not so good with other, he doesn’t seem as an aggressive dog but maybe from the street he created a character to protect himself, if a dog barks at him he barks back, if a dog wags his tail he will wag his tail. Now Sanson has been neutered and has all his shots, and we couldn’t be happier that he is having a new start in Canada! Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make this possible! Now Sanson weighs 49 kg (108 pounds) and he is ready to be adopted and loved by a family, he is approximately 2 years old. He still has a way to go but he has passed the critical days he just needs to keep eating!

(For now he has finished his treatment for the ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis but tests should be done in six months to make sure he is completely free and needs no more treatment.)

We actually found his first owners when we started posting him on facebook, they had given him in adoption to a woman who had a big garden but what they told us is that after a few weeks this woman called them to give him back and they had no room to take him back, they tried to contact her again after this and she never answered her phone again, she lived very far away from where I found him so the only theory even the family has is that she abandoned him there at least 6 months before I found him. He is a warrior!

BHRR's Cancun – I called him 'Cancun' as he is form Cancun, Mexico and in honour of Petopia CANCUN who saved him!