On December 4th, 2012, I sent a response saying that BHRR would commit and asked some more questions and received the following in turn:

Hi Gwen, 

Thank you so much for responding!  

He is no more than 2 years of age, great with people and children.  He is ok with most other dogs, if he is introduced well but he will probably need some help with socializing.  They are unsure how he is with cats, as they are a doggy daycare.   He had ehrilichia, but was fully treated and is clear.  He is clear of heartworm, has been neutered and is fully vaccinated.  He has not biten anyone that we are aware of… and they say is just a charmer that loves the people.  He is a little under weight due to the ehrlichia, but will add on more pounds now that he is clear of that.  Anything else that you need to know, please ask and I will be sure to answer quickly!!!