OK! I have 12 new pictures to post of Tyke and I promise to do so this week! 🙂 I just downloaded them and need to resize before posting. He is recovering well from his neuter and just as a heads up to whomever might be his best matched home; he has a MAJOR foot attire fetish! Be it slippers, rubber boots, dress shoes, high heels, runners; sandals, kids; it makes no difference to Tyke. He just likes to chew one of everything! I cannot tell you how much he has cost me in new shoes for the family! LOL We have had to make our shoe rack a bit higher to try and keep them out of his reach, the little monkey! Tyke is also recovering from his latest mad dashes through the bushes. He and Soul do not like to take the clearly marked trails; oh no NOT them! They like to tear through the bushes running like mad creatures and their faces look like someone has taken a pen and poked coloured holes and marks all over them. sigh…………..What a bunch of turkeys these two are! He and Soul are major buds and it is going to be very hard on Soul to see his special pay leave. Whether it is because they are both SN’s or not; the two of them are as thick as thieves and Soul has even taken to showing Tyke all the great places to dig such as the few remaining Day Lily spots that survived from Dyce and Souls own antics last summer! LOL The other dog that truly adores Tyke is my Licorice. She just mothers and grooms him and hovers over him like some mother hen and LT just basks in the adoration. Just a clarification for those that have been under the impression that LT is still in a foster home; he is not. He has been living as part of my own family since March 17th. Tyke will only go to another home with at least one other dog; one that is not too strong minded or dominant; male or female does not matter. He does not need to go to a home with older children and I believe would much prefer to be only part of a four legged baby family. He more than deserves to be spoiled as such for what he has endured in his past. I would like to see him in a home as well whereby someone is not away for longer than 8 hours total per day for he also deserves to have all the attention and love that he missed out before coming under our Rescue name. He is completely housebroken yet the crate is a major safe spot for him. He should be available for adoption within a week and at that time; we will begin to take applications for his placement. I cannot tell you how many times my husband and I have weakened in the desire to want to keep him as one of our own yet as I have stated before; he really does not need our home and family that way. For as much as LT might think he has gotten from us; I think it is us that really needed him this time around in the ‘saving’. LT came into our lives shortly after the tragic, painful loss of my beloved SN’s Frost ‘T’ and the first Dane we rescued since his loss and he is a lot like Frost “T” and shares the same cherished name of LT like another wonderful blessing beloved by another family that was key to us being able to bring him into our Rescue. I think LT is a special angel that has touched many of us and if ever there is one to believe in coincidence, fate or destiny; LT would be it. There is so much that surrounds this boy in his story from the moment we became determined to assist that without a doubt; he shall hold a part of many people spanning across two countries!