She is OUT of surgery as of 5:30 PM or so…finally! YAY! It went well….OMG! This had me concerned…phewwwww I shall bring her to work with me on Saturday to have the Vet take a quick peek at it and then bandage changes for the next 10 days or so, will remove her pain patch around Monday and antibiotics, antibiotics, antibiotics in addition to lots of love…I have…SOOOO missed her today. BHRR’s Dana is so very unique and full of personality! When she is not here; something is very much not ‘right’…that and it is very quiet without our Dana/Alvin mischievous goober around making us laugh! She is going to make a home very lucky one day. Just a beautiful girl and THANKS very much for the well wishes and thoughts today for her AND me…. Dana weighed 51.60 KGs(113.52 pounds).