BHRR’s Shiva had a great playday with two of our wonderful BHRR Volunteers! I was jealous knowing that I was working at the Hospital and she was out having a blast! 😛 She only barked twice the whole day. Once in my ear on the drive in for she was just so excited and had to ‘share’ that excitement with me. 🙄 The other time was when she was with her human friends. She even rode in their elevator and walked in as if she had done it everyday of her life. Shiva continues to be that all around bomb proof dog and I was so proud of her. She sat when it was time to put on her leash, she had impreccable leash manners, was very gentle about taking treats and greeted everyone with her ladylike charm. I was told that the only time that she really did wag her tail was when she saw me again and that makes my heart so warm that she did ‘miss’ me some. Her human friends uplodated 38 photos from her playday with them onto our BHRR’s Facebook Group. I do wish to upload this one picture of her! DOESN’T she look just positively FANTASTIC! I have also added this one plus two others in her slideshow. There were many people that met her at the Hospital yesterday that really fell in love with her gorgeous baby brown expressive eyes. BHRR’s Shiva weighed 38.6 KGs(84.92 pounds) and is looking sooooo good! Shiva turned 2 years old on June 10th, 2009. Slides #22-24 have now been added. We continue to wait patiently for her forever loving adoptive home to come along.

BHRR’s Shiva – August 22nd, 2009 *picture courtesy of D. Ferguson & A. Bennett