UPDATE: 11:00 AM:

Gwennie is rushing in to be with BHRR's Dana. She has turned for the worse. We are trying to see if we can get her back in for surgery. They know that quality of life is the first and foremost thing we want for her.

We also learned of another kind donation made this AM and Gwennie has also emailed them to thank them plus all the other of Dana's angels immensely.

They need 50% more in payment and the specialist is going to talk to the Hospital Manager while she is driving in to see if we can work out some kind of payment plan after that. What a kind Vet to try and help us as their procedures are not normally this way. Full payment.

We need another $800 in donations to be able to have any chance of proceeding further with her care.

We have no right to ask and we know it…..yet, we are trying…..her Vets believe she still has a good prognosis, we just need to act fast.

We have no time for an emergency Fundraiser, so, all we can do is ask………….on her behalf. (613) 731-6851 is their number 'Dana' Boers or under (613) 725-4279

Thank you.