I was surprised to not have received any of BHRR’s Banzai’s bw results back yesterday, so definitely by today. Right now, I have scheduled his Neuter plus X-Rays etc. for Wednesday September 2nd, 2009. I have also been in touch with LAWS, the Brockville OSPCA, Belleville, the OHS just to name a few to determine if a ‘lost’ report had been filed on him, with no luck. As mentioned to all of the law officials, we are moving forward with medical treatment and that a lot of ‘tough’ questions would need to be answered should we find his original owner as we have been documenting everything and will not just hand him over lightly. At the same time, we are showing more than the due diligence of many groups or organizations to attempt to locate ‘any’ previous owner that could be truly missing their Great Dane. Last night, when I came home from work; Banzai was so excited to see me and he tail was just a thumping and he likes to put his head in the air and ‘woo’! LOL He began to actually want to play with me last night too. He just just loves the females here and he went to try and play with Shiva the Diva yesterday and she wanted nothing to do with him! I think she prefers those boyz that are hard to catch!  😛 She does not want things toooooo easy on her!  😉 Banzai has been integrated with everyone but my TAIN(he is with his handler right now) and Bronson, Dyce and Mazda. Day by day, he gets better with all that is going on here and wants to particpate more. Right now, I have Banzai plus my sweet dollface BHRR’s Dana, having a bit of a play lying down in the main area. She just continues to draw him out more and more. Banzai just has shown no interest in wanting to play with the males or even interact much with them, much to Soul’s dismay! Banzai is fairly indifferent to the males here right now.