At 9:15 PM last night BHRR's Dana was her normal self. She had her supper between 8:15 – 8:30 PM and nothing out of the abnormal noted.

At 9:35 PM, Dana walked over to me very oddly and was then quickly frothing and her belly was very distended and getting bigger.

In looking at her gums, she was pale and she could then barely stand, she was crashing fast.

Mason/Sean grabbed the Gasx for me and by 9:39 PM, I was on the road with BHRR's Dana headed to Alta Vista Emergency Animal Hospital. I had Sean call ahead with the situation details.

Alta Vista Animal Hospital
2616 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1T 1M9
(613) 731-6851

Despite the bad weather and road conditions, I made it there within 40 minutes safely.

She was x-rays and confirmed as having partially torted. Also confirmed that it was a food bloat.

We were not able to tube her at this time as the risk of perforating was high and food could block the tube. We would also not be able to induce vomiting via apo-morphine as vomiting could cause her to perforate or tort more.

The original estimate given was just under $6,000

Her vitals were stable and as she had been given the Gasx at home, she had very little gas left inside of her upon arrival. THIS save her life to at least be able to get to the Emerg for medical treatment. THIS was not a case of being able to tube at home. SHE needed to get to the Hospital ASAP and I was out that door, dressing as I was going in 4 minutues flat. Time means life…………….

It is the XMAs season and we have no right to ask, beg, plead or grovel for assistance with her mounting Vet Bills and as always, I have no pride when it comes to these BHRR animals and if anyone wishes to consider donating to her mounting Vet Bills, please do call Alta Vista Animal Hospital directly at (613) 731-6851 and her account is under the name of 'DANA' Boers or you can have them look it up under the phone number of (613) 725-4279, which is the Rescue phone number. You would have the very tearful gratitude of myself, Sean plus BHRR's Dana's happy tail wags…….

OR PayPal 'gift' to

OR email transfer to

For Sean & I and we have done this in the past when there has been an emergency around XMAS, we are foregoing any XMAS pressies and putting down all monies personally that we can to pay for her bills.

I ADORE this dog! ADORE her and while her right forever loving home has not yet found her, I am not giving up on her…..she is a fighter and as told to Marge(LOVE this VET), if there was every a DANE to survive bloat/tort, it is this very special girl.

I also told Marge that I hope that BHRR's Dana begin to test and push for that means that she is getting better!

I put down a $600 deposit right now and they will not put through the final bill and leave all procedures/treatments as unposted yet documented under her account until she is discharged. Yet, they gave me an estimate plus I signed one for their records and I hope it is upon me taking home a feeling better and healthy BHRR's Dana and not my sweet dear girl to bury at BHRR. 🙁 They will be keeping me updated regularly and they are great in encouraging Clients to call for updates. So, the high end would be $6,000+ for her. I will be asking for regular costs updates to keep her blog updated and any fans/supporters plus believers updated as to what is left to pay off.

EVEN $5.00 if not too little as always….yet, Sean & I do understand that money is tight everywhere and the funds that are coming in from the Photo Shoot that was done by Chuck Desjardins Photography and Pet Valu Innes & Belcourt $620(which we were planning on using for BHRR's Bishops own mounting Vet Bills as we try to figure out what is going on medically), shall instead to go her bills. I can carry a balance at Kanata Animal Hospital for a bit on BHRR's Bishop's bills. I do not have the same luxury of doing so at Alta Vista Animal Hospital.

It shall be a very long night….will update as I can.

Please pray for her……………….I am concentrating on beathing in and out and holding my family strong together in staying positive for BHRR's Dana.

As I keep telling everyone, KNOW your DOG! Behavour can often be the very first and sometimes only sign you shall see for bloat/tort. AND dogs can die just from bloating, they do not need to tort.

I also sincerely wish we had an emergency Hospital closer to us BUT I am also happy that there is at least one for me to take my dogs too if need be.

I meant to ask for digital copies of her X-Rays and shall do so later today.

I want to thank my team mates at KAH for covering my shift today so that I can be with BHRR's Dana.

My house is quiet right….very….eerily and wrongly so. 🙁 🙁

BHRR's Dana's DARLING ANGELS: $600 donated to date & Bills $1,289.43 and climbing