I brought Dana to work with me last night and her right front paw was x-rayed again. As I have suspected plus have been discussing with my Vet, it is no better and in fact, somewhat worse. It is just not calcifying. Her weight was 50.4 KGS(110.88 pounds) and so she has lost 2.2 pounds(most likely muscle mass due to restricted exercise). We have talked to several Ortho Specialists and my Vet also posted on the VIN network last night and then the new X-rays were put on there today and the feedback has been consistent. I have a disc with her X-Rays on it yet it was given to me in an unreadable format so when I go back to work on Friday I shall see about a soft or hard copy that I can put on her blog. While Dana is a young and extremely healthy dog; she is also a Great Dane and this is an inner toe. I have been at ‘war’ over this ever since she first hurt her toe for I am well aware of the complications of amputation YET we also cannot leave it the way it is and I most certainly am not considering euthanizing her. The biggest decision that has to be made at this time is ‘how’ much do we take off. I know that I want to see more than less for we cannot be leaving a bony ‘stump’ that can cause her all sorts of problems. We have also submitted her case to our local Ortho Specialist Dr. Philibert who is on Vacation at this time. While sometimes conferring with too many Vets/Specialists can be a bad thing; in this case; I want as much as I can gather before sitting down with my Vet to be in the best position possible to make the most informed decision regarding her toe. Right now, we believe we should be taking it off to P1. At the bare minimum we are taking the whole toe. It is whether we need to take more than just the toe, as it is an inner toe and due to her being a Giant Breed; that we must look closer at. Right now, the estimate for the procedure with our discount is close to $1,000.00. ANY consideration from her supporting public for donations for her surgical procedure; would be MORE than appreciated. I know that Dana would, if she could; personally LOVE on all of you for any contributions. She is just the most loving and sweetest of things and as her reward for being so awesome(she did not need to be sedated for her X-Rays; her front feet we just put up on the table and she was great!); we did our ‘tour’ through Timmie’s on the way home and she had a cinnamon donut…her fav!!!! People kept complimenting her on her gorgeous shiny black coat!!! I continue to keep her comfortable on Tramadol plus Deramaxx 100 mg and once I know more; I shall update her blog. The thought process has also been from the specialists that due to her coming into our BHRR program in such an emaciated(64.24 pounds), malnourished state; that it would not have taken much for her growing and developing body/bones to have a fracture occur as her body is still becoming as healthy as it can be and longterm effects from malnutrion plus abuse do happen.  I ‘see’ that position and while that might have be part of the equation, I do believe that some rough ‘play’ injury accident also contributed to her broken toe. 😥 I just want her better and back up feeling like her normal self and I almost miss some of her ‘antic’s'(do not tell her that though! SHHHH! 😉 ). She shall remain unavailable for adoption until such time as she is fully ‘up’ on her feet and I just know that her forever loving home will not care one whit that she might be missing a toe. She remains beautiful inside and outside!