BHRR’s Dana follow-up appointment on her toe is tomorrow. The recommendation was to give her just ‘some’ more time before bringing her in again yet I do remain somewhat concerned over her toe. 😥 I know that she is very ‘tired’ herself of restricted exercise and it makes me sad. I have also posted Slides # 21 – 24 of her from June 18th, 2009. As with BHRR’s Shiva; any forever loving home will need to be aware of her ‘fixation’ with exotics like Guinea Pigs. She has been fine with small dogs plus puppies(we currently have an almost 9 week old in our home right now) yet I would be very cautious about her interest around pocket pets. What I am loving about Dana right now, is her muzzle. It is becoming white and I just love that look on the Danes. 😎 I am curious about her current weight for I have had to ‘cut’ back on her intake due to her level of present exercise. While she is looking good, I know that she has lost some of her incredible muscle tone. I am also going to move Dana to our BHRR Haven Program for she is not up for adoption at this time until we figure out her toe situation.