Mazda has been having an absolute BLAST from her playdates! What I would really love to have is also playdates or daytrips for her on Wednesday August 5th, Saturday August 8th & Sunday August 9th. If any of our approved BHRR Volunteers and/or Adoptive homes would be willing to have her join you for some added wonderful healing memories; please email Gwen. She is still quite thin yet I can finally see as of today; the difference the extra special time plus loving she is enjoying; has been doing for her mental frame of mind. She is ‘almost’ back to her smiling facial expressions and the light in her eyes is slowing coming back. THANK YOU to everyone that has stepped up to help us here with her and BHRR’s Mr. Parker, Lil Linus & Abbi to date! Today is the first time since we lost her best of friends BHRR’s KB/JB that she did not immediately run down to the recreation room upon her return to our place from a play adventure today! It has been very hard to drag her away from that room as that is where she and BHRR’s KB/JB have loved to spend so much of their time together. Huge progress! I also like the fact that she is beginning to wag her insane ‘happy’ tail like mad again….I do not like how thin she has become due to her minimal eating(though the Volunteers and Vet(s) think she looks pretty darn good!) and how dull her coat has become yet I remain optimistic that we will get her past her depression of losing her best friend and hopefully, she will be open to new close friends back in her life soon! AND she shall continue to remain in our BHRR Haven Progam at this time. I am not sure what the future shall hold. She has been with us longer than any other animal; THROUGH no fault of her own and Sean plus I have to wonder what is going to be in her best interest. Day by day. We are now sadly down to 4 Great Danes ourselves due to our tragic losses; and as long as BHRR’s Mazda is in our home; she shall continue to be treated no differently then they are and loved no less!