Sending out a warning to all in our neck of the woods…as some are already aware, BHRR has experienced two coyote attacks on two dogs and today – early AM, we had our third… 🙁 BHRR's Jetta took a bad grab through the fence…. 🙁
Sean and I have had tall gaming(smallish slats) and page wire fencing(larger slats) for the last two to three years and now have been madly replacing it with even smaller slats(2×4) and even taller fen
cing to keep the dogs safe. Even with us humans out in the fenced in yard, the coyotes are very bold. 🙁 Sean was right there when it happened and screamed for me to help…

We have lived here since 1999 and never ever had this kind of coyote problem and now, three dogs have been hurt over the last three weeks and even in the last year+, I have had to save our pony who had three coyotes attacking him one night. 🙁
Please everyone, be super vigilant and careful.
I am not even taking the dogs on the trails these days as this is a big worry re: attacks. 🙁
Think of poor BHRR's Jetta who is now missing a significant part of one ear and her poor nose. Kingston and Drift have healed well from their own grabs from coyotes….