Shiva continues to do awesome! Such a well rounded girl and is looking just divine! BHRR’s Dana has been determined to ‘corrupt’ her and bring out an ‘edge’ in Shiva that Shiva has not seemed to have minded! 🙄 My two black beauties are little ‘mischief’ makers some days, especially when it comes to teasing and tormenting my Cherokee. Shiva remains 100% trustworthy in the house and should she not be adopted by the Wiggle Waggle Walk in September for the OHS; I am thinking that she might attend again this year.  🙂 I have added some new pictures of Shiva, slides # 16 – #21 that are from July 9th, 2009. She is sporting her new colour and looking quite smashing!!!  Her adoptive home will need to understand that she cannot be trusted around small animals like rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs. She is very fixated on our guinea pigs and her home will need to be careful not to set her nor any small exotic up for failure. At the end of the day, dogs are animals with animal instincts and caution should be taken. She appears more ‘fascinated’ than actually prey driven at this time, yet we are very careful.