I took BHRR's Abby to the Vet tonight. Originally, it was for an exam, bw including HWT, confirm if spayed, vaccnies etc. yet, as of Monday night, I have been a bit worried about her. She was eating and drinking well yet, something did not quiet seem right – her energy level was not really 'off' and I monitored.

By Wednesday night, she stopped eating, yet was drinking and seemed a bit more quiet than normal and as I had her Vet appointment on Thursday, I brought her in then.

BHRR's Abby weighed 40.2 KGs(88.44 pounds) and you could tell that she has lost weight. She should be another 7 pounds or so for my liking.

We did bw, full exam and also microchipped her and shaved to confirm that no, she is not yet spayed. We did not think so as is.

The Vet suspected either a cardiac condition or possible aspiration pneumonia. KC was ruled out as there is no cough or other KC signs. The Vet asked me if I wanted to start antibiotics first or x-ray and I said I would like to x-ray to rule out any enlarged heart.

So, this amazing girl was x-rayed and she was AWESOME! She did not require any sedation and we got some great shots. I shall ask them to be emailed to me to post.

Her heart is normal and she has some pockets of congestion that the Vet feels that being on Clavamox 750mg BID should help and if there is no improvement by Saturday, to re-visit. As of today, she still was not interested in food, not even wet and I grabbed some cans of A/D to take home. She was not interested in treats or pill pockets with her pills and so manually down the hatch the pills went at KAH.

I asked the Vet what she thought BHRR's Abby's age was and she said 'you would know better than me' and I said no more than 5 and over 4 and the Vet concurred. She has that amazing 'masking gene' that makes her face whiten….love it!

She is drinking and is not dehydrated and we are monitored closely.

Below are two photos from when she was with the FABU home that took such great care of her until we had a spot at BHRR! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! She is sporting one of the doggie coats I dropped off for her.


BHRR's Abby's Angels: $20 donated to date & Bills $398.78
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BHRR's Abby – Fall 2012