I have noticed in Tyke’s latest pictures that he is flat footed and his Fostermom has confirmed this. We will be starting to give him supplements of Vit. C to help him. A couple of nights ago when his FosterDad was out pushing the plastic wheelbarrow to feed the horse in the pasture; Tyke thought it was a great thing to chase and playbite at for it looked like a big moving toy! He did it again the next morning when his Fostermom was out doing the same thing! THIS ‘Little Tyke’ is going to be SUCH a Ham! AND I know that he and my Soul are going to be fast friends! I am not sure if my place is ready to have two thundering SN’s pups racing around. OK! I admit it, I CANNOT WAIT! 🙂 Tyke has also become more patient around food and is no longer acting like the starved pup he was a week ago. From his FosterMom ‘He is very much improved with counter surfing, not saying given the chance he would not swipe something, but now when I am preparing the food he is very good about keeping his nose off the counter. He is still an attachment to my side while I am making the meals, but he is more respecttul about letting me actually prepare them.’ He is still being fed with a CUZ toy in his bowl to slow down his eating. As of March 12th, he had a normal poop that evening and yes, EVERYONE was excited! At that time he was eating 2 cups of food per feeding of which he is still getting 4 feedings a day and also with rice and beef. He is doing wonderful on it and I am so beyond happy his Fostermom has been so willing to follow out instructions on his feeding regime to get him on track to becoming healthy. He is learning words such as ‘no’, ‘sit’, and ‘kennel’ and as we all knew; he is very SMART! His is doing great about letting them know when he has to go out too. March 12th was his first day that he actually stepped up to a bit of a run and so he is developing more endurance and strength. He also jumped right into the tub for his bath too. WHAT a good boy! 🙂 New pictures are below. There will be no more updates on Tyke until my return from NC at the end of the month.