Remembering back to Mar.2006 when exploring the world of Great Danes’.

There was this particular Magnificent…almost Regal-faced KING staring back @ me from his web-site.
If I wasn’t 100% sure before…I was 200% sure, when I couldn’t stop…But admire this Stellar Creature!!

I often picture this Dane whenever my conversation takes’ me to the praises’ of his home…Whenever my own Rescue is taking on a curious audience…We can’t help to mention this vivid picture in my mind…of this Giant Breed standing @ attention in the Winter Snow…just waiting to maybe harness a Sleigh like A Shiny-Horse!!
Or Towering with Sean on the living-room floor…Or Loving Eyes’- Face to Face with Gwen…etc.

Of coarse this Gentle Giant is none other than…*******DRAGON*******and he has gone to his Resting-Place….Where his Brother & Sister + New Friend are Saving his Seat/Throne & ***Brindle-Wings’*** fit for a ******KING******!!!!!!

I will miss seeing his face…look back at me from his home in Kemptville.
But a Great Dane of his Stature will always’ Cast a Huge Shadow/Presence for years’ to come……..

> God Bless-You*****DRAGON***** < and Please watch over his Family he left behind @ (BHRR)-Gwen/Sean/Mason/Kinsley and All his Friends'.oxOXoxOX. Love-The Rodgers'/(BHRR)'s -Mr. Arthur Zane/ & Black-Jack.oxOXoxOX.