I read the report from Dr. Crews when I was at work last night.

Puzzling to all around.

The one thing I noted was that she had a question re: ear cleaning and if any had been done even up to 20 minutes prior to this episode and unfortunately, the information that BHRR'S Canvas had been sleeping prior to this incident was not communicated. He woke up in this manner.

She did not see anything obvious yet, even with sedation, it appears that it was hard to completely capture everything(he is a BIG doggie!) yet, Dr. Crews did not feel lesions, vestibular disease or Wobblers was a likely culprit. On the other hand, nothing could be definititely ruled out. Could be early signs of anything AKA X, yet what is X is what all of us would like to know….so, no diagnosis for BHRR's Canvas can be made right now.

So, we remain monitoring, he is on his ear meds and antibiotics and is happy and playing and doing all things normal. AND in fact, he is beginning to slide out of that honeymoon period and Gwennie's BOOT CAMP! Gwennie's BOOT CAMP remains in full swing! 😉

There is no recommendation being made to run out to do a myleogram etc. at this time.