UPDATE: Wednesday November 7th, 2012 @ 5:30 PM:

UPDATE: he was seen by two talented trusted Vets and was almost back to normal when Sean arrived and is now completely normal.

They do not know what it is for sure and I sent onwards the above video to them to see.

They said not a stroke, not vestibular disease, not a seizure, not an allergic reaction and they feel that it could to be some form of an inner ear imbalance. That is where their feelings are at this time. As to why, they do not know and cannot say. He is 100% normal now.

He has no ear infections presenting and could possibly have one slight rupture yet hard to tell. His pupils are normal.

Weight gain is almost 10 pounds since he arrived to BHRR!

They are going to treat with Surolan and Cephalexin and we will monitor for any further episodes.

Sean is on his way home with him now and I asked him to profusely thank all for their assistance and getting us in so fast and being so awesome!!

They were so thorough and compassionate and helpful. AND also honest about their findings.

I shall be watching him like a hawk and heading back in like a flash of there is another episode.

So…..good news and unknown news on this dear boy….

Thank you ALL for every word and thought and caring gesture made.

I am not one to panic, especially in my Career Paths, yet, I was stressed……

UPDATE: Wednesday November 7th, 2012 @ 8:05 PM:

UPDATE: The one Vet has reviewed my video.

Recommending to have x-rays under sedation.

Will be booking that.

He appeared to have some wobbly bobbly when he first arrived to BHRR yet, that had been put down to lack of muscle, weak and being so neglected and starved…..

Now, they are wondering if someone else was/is going on.

UPDATE: Wednesday November 7th, 2012 @ 10:45 PM:

UPDATE: had a most wonderful half an hour conversation with one of his vets and BHRR's Canvas is now booked for x-rays and bw tomorrow.

Thank goodness I got those videos and while it does not capture how bad it was at one point, it demonstrated a lot. AND thank goodness I document all findings from the day they arrive to BHRR for we are seeing some signs of a couple of possibilities that on their own were passed off as other things when examined.

Keep those prayers and blessings flowing!

I LOVE where I work and I love the Vets I work with!!

UPDATE: Thursday November 8th, 2012 @ 9:34 AM:

We are looking at more than one thing. The one Vet confirmed he had a slightly ruptured right eardrum and that has been there long before he came to BHRR.

That does not explains everything, especially with the video and all the documentation I have on him from Day 1 that was once explained by exams as being due to weakness, starvation, neglect, lacking muscles etc. is now being looked at in a different light based upon what happened today.

After Sean updated me, I knew I had to talk to the Vets myself and forwarded on the one video and then had a long chat. A great conversation.

So, he is on his meds for his eardrum and antibiotics – and there is no sign of any ear infection – no redness, scratching, shaking of the head yet he was put on them due to this finding of that slight rupture they believe he has.

I want to be proactive and do bw and the Vet was in total agreement with that and the x-rays under sedation to start.

I love how they work with people and the animals and are not afraid to resource pool and investigate and even say 'we do not know' yet we are going to work to figure things out. :)

They are stumped yet; are working hard to help him!