BHRR's Canvas needs your prayers. He was perfectly fine this AM and playing and normal and he took his usual mid-morning nap by my side as I have been working on my laptop in bed and just now he went to get up and it is like he has had something akin to a stroke.

Of balance, confused, stumbling. His pupils are normal right now and though, his eyes are worried, there is nothing 'off'.

He was right by me the whole time and I would have noticed a seizure. There was no sounds, nothing. No signs of distress, discomfort, cries nothing.

Sean is rushing him to KAH. Please keep him in your thoughts. 🙁

Not sure if it is a stroke or sudden onset vesibular disease – BUT he is really young! or what this is.

HIs head wants to bog/tilt to the right ore than normal.

He also is understanding what I am saying to him.

He still wags his tail at me.