I took more pictures of Mr. Parker Paws today and I also wanted to publicly thank Mary for Parker’s new collar. He looks so smashing! He is about 135 pounds now and has healed wonderfully from his neuter! He shall go up for adoption after the Microchip Clinic on the 12th and I am going to try and get a new weight then(the battle of the scale! LOL). I had wanted his original rescuer to come up and see him for he has changed so much in looks and those feet are so much better. He will have to stay on Ester C for some time though; yet sadly; it does not look so good that she can make it up to the Micrcochip Clinic this Sunday with the strike that is going on in TO. I really hope that she gets a chance to see her Parker before he is adopted as he is doing so well at BHRR, because of her having saved him!!! 🙂