Porridge has his his annual scheduled for July 16th. I have been a bit worried about his weight this past while. He does not appear to have grown taller(should re-measure the small giraffe!) yet he has ‘thinned’ out a bit more than I would like. He is eating and drinking well and I know that he is finding it a bit rough in this heat; yet that is not unusual for all Danes. I would like to see him around 155 pounds right now and so we shall see what story the scale tells us. I know that Porridge is one dog that is very happy that we now have our A/C fixed! That was a long few days for him as we waiting for Atel Air to come in to look at it. 😛 I am not sure if Porridge shall be at our Microchip Fundraiser this year. He and Linus were our ambassadors last year and BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws is coming and I am not quite sure who the other BHRR GD Ambassador shall be right now. I am thinking of our sweet Mazda.