I am bringing BHRR's Autumn into KAH tomorrow at some point. I am not feeling good about where she is and where I wish and feel she should be at.

Two of those growths are bigger and while I know that she is still emaciated, they need to get biopsed. 🙁 Colostrum can be seen from several of her nipples this week over last.

She is not eating the way I would like to see, she is so roachy and looks uncomfortable a lot of the time, her back end is quite stiff – especially with the cooler weather and my instincts plus medical education/experience are telling me that she has to get back into the Vet ASAP. I am worried about her weight…. 🙁

She appears to be favouring one side on her hind end more than the other even more now as the colder weather hits ( cruciates? ) and she has been on Clavamox for her UTI plus KC that she arrived with. I want to be sure that her KC has not deteriorated. In her poor condition….. 🙁

So, we are going back in!

She really really really needs her believers and supporters to stand by her. Please keep her in your thoughts and please do consider helping us with her bills.

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of 'Birch Haven Rescue' for 'Autumn'. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR via PayPal(please use the 'gift' option)

BHRR's AUTUMN's AWESOMEFIED Angels ; $490 donated to date & Bills $1,729.53
Anna & Peter

Maggie/Derek – bag of FROMM Whitefish dog food
Kathryne – microchip & to purchase a bag of FROMM Whitefish Dog Food
Liza/Kelly + Gracie – 3 bags of FROMM Whitefish Dog Food


BHRR's AUTUMN's WishList:
$ towards Vet bills
Extra lean gound beef
FROMM -Whitefish or Salmon Dog Food
Dino Smoked Bones
Rope Toys

Oatmeal Shampoo
TONS of positive thoughts and vibes

Packing Blankets
Cube Large Tube Body Pillows x 4

**IF I am forgetting any ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**