UPDATE: From BHRR's Riley's AWESOMEFIED Temp FosterMom. I booked his annual for today:

"BHRR Riley's vet appointment went really well. Everyone commented on how great he looked. Dr.Zak was really impressed with how shinny his coat is and his body condition.

His new weight was 51.9kg(114.18 pounds) which surprisingly isn't much of a weight increase 🙁 He is looking so much better and even people on the walk we re commenting on how good he was looking. We will continue to work on it though, he is eating lots and regularly so the weight gain will come.

BHRR's Riley and I had a great day though. Started off with meeting Bruce and my mom for lunch at Extreme Pita, then off to KAH for his appointment. Then we made a detour on the way home to St. Albert's cheese factory. We enjoyed some ice cream and got some cheese curds for snack after dinner 🙂

Oh I also picked up Novembers Revolution."

***For any of our approved temp foster homes, BHRR covers all the bills, you just provide the loving home environment and so, if any of our approved Temp Foster Homes are in a position to temp foster, let us know! contactbhrr@gmail.com We are full right now and even with temp foster homes, we will not be taking in any new additions until we have more adoptions!***