I have many new pictures to also add of BHRR’s Lil Linus. I am going to add two below from our Limerick Forest GD Hike on April 5th for they are just so indicative of his personality+. Thank you to Suzanne & Chuck for the ‘candid’ shots! He is doing just wonderful. So happy and as clownish as always and man, does he still love his food and if you are ‘late’ with his supper; he is quick to race to you, the race to the food bin then race to his crate and back to you and the food bin and his crate and back to you and…… 😛 He other favourite game of late is how many times he can get people to open the door to let him out and then he just turns around and wants back in again and then he wants out again and then he wants in….. 🙄 😛 He is still the same that after a certain time of night; he WILL not go outside by himself to pee and after an even later time at night; he will not even go outside; he will ‘hold’ it until morning. He remains very receptive to his ‘light’ training of me flicking the lights on and off for him to come in and he is just so proud of himself that he ‘gets’ it now! Everyone that meets him just wants to pull those jowls and kiss them and he still gets that very ‘tolerant’ look on his face and you can almost hear him ‘sighing’ on the inside in embarrassment! LOL He truly does not realise just how beyond cute he is!!!!! I am still amazed by how tall he has gotten and with that conformation and head; he is one very striking boy. I need to get a new Panache Pooch collar for him for his balloons have faded off and I think he would like a ‘bigger’ boy collar now. 😛 Little does he know that I am thinking toy cars and toy trucks for him!!!!! He just remains that little ‘boy’ in so many ways and is all puppy! What I love most is that he is now even comfortable sleeping on a Kuranda bed or a dog bed or even for a period of time on my bed at night. If he is ‘startled’ or ‘stepped’ on by another dog; he will often then just go to his open crate and lie down but more and more, he is getting a larger comfort zone. The other thing that I am really enjoying(as cold as his nose is) is when he will come up to me when I am sleeping and nudge me for some loving and kisses(he has not yet learned to let sleeping moms lie! LOL) and I cannot deny him for we have worked so hard to get him to ‘ask’ for attention and affection on his terms!!!!! Linus has no concept of time most often, I find. LOL Day could be night and vice versus. All he really knows is ‘breakfast’ and ‘dinner’ time and ‘treat’ time and more ‘treat’ time and the world just blends into having wonderful walks, hikes, love, new friends, new toys, play and more play and car rides and joy and playdates and the occassional bath, nails, ear cleaning etc. thrown in. WHAT a world he has. He is so worry free and stress free about most things now and I am so enjoying this. He has also taken to wanting to be very close to me when I am walking and my heels have paid the price with his heavy shuffling clodhoppers bumping them and tripping me. He has also discovered the joy of being a Dane and not allowing one to use the bathroom in private and thinks this it is just grand to accompany me when I have to go. ANOTHER momma`s boy here. He will often race to the bathoom and seems almost disappointed if I pass it by. 🙄 It is quite a feat to try and use the facilities when 5 or 6 Danes wish to be part of one’s entourage….I thought my kids were bad! LOL If I am in the bathroom and the door is closed; he will snuffle under the door and will now scratch at the door and bump his head against it to get in and the few sounds of absolute despair that he will almost wail out; one would think he was dying….sigh….we are working on his being a bit more independent from me. When I do come out of the bathroom, the look on his face is just priceless. He acts like he has not seen me in years and is so relieved and also a bit ‘put’ out(if Linus had a put out expression, that would be it) and he also MOST pleased with himself as if he has solved some complex puzzle `I FOUND GWEN` `DID I DO GOOD OR WHAT!` is like he is saying….he is a HUGE cause of smiles this one!!!! What a character!!! Sadly, no right matched homes have inquired about Lil Linus and I know that he would be thrilled to be here for the rest of his life yet I know that Dyce and Bronson would be very happy to see him adopted some days for Lil Linus is similar to BHRR’s Boba in that he is almost constantly nose to nose with them; asking them ‘do you like me now?’….’do you still like me?’….’how about now; do you like me now?’ or ‘do you want to play?’….’how about now?’….’now? now? NOW?’ LOL Dyce just will go to a crate and lie down with his back to the open door and Bronson; who has the patience of a saint; will just leave the room. Yet, most days; the three of them are the closest of pals, roughing it up outside and doing their thing…like digging…ugh! I know that I have said this many times; BUT I just love the dynamics in action. I could sit for hours, just observing what is going on with the dogs here!  Slides 68 – 76 have now been added to his gallery!

BHRR’s Lil Linus – April 5th, 2009 – Limerick Forest GD Hike – Almost 17 months old