On Tuesday October 9th, I received the following request for assistance for a GD, female, Harlequin, about 15 months of age(we will better determine age once she arrives). With the heartwrenching loss of dear BHRR's Concert, we have the spot to help another animal in need of BHRR. We mobilized fast and she is expected to arrive to BHRR this Sunday October 14th, 2012

Once she has arrived safely, I will begin a file for her at Kanata Animal Hospital, whereby any fans and supporters of her may wish to contribute to her Vet Bills. She shall require the rest of her vaccines(when healthy enough), Heartworm testing, heartworm preventative, bloodwork, to be spayed(when healthy), most like Ester C and a collar/leash to call her own, a dog bed, packing blankets(she is emaciated), oatmeal shampoo, extra lean ground hamburger, rice etc. We need to address her ears plus her eyes – she has terrible HAWS the poor thing and it is hard to tell if she has any other eye issues. HAWS is quite common in many lines of dogs.

If she needs x-rays or any other medical intervention, she shall receive it without hesitation!

"…..was an owner surrender, scared of cats, gets along with other dogs, and I do not know about children because I don’t have any children to test her on. LOL  I have not seen her show any aggression towards other dogs since being here. When she first got here, she was growing at some of the staff, but I have not had any problems with her at all. She wants to sit in my lap. She is very sweet, playful, and lovable. She has already bonded with me so she will accept a new home with no problem. I have fed her treats and took her food away and she has not displayed any food aggression towards me. Her eyes concern me as you can see in her pictures and she has something going on with the tips of her ears. It is very dry and crusty. She is thin and needs to put on some weight.  The runs here are too small for her, she cries when I put her in one. She needs out a.s.a.p."

UPDATE #1: Friday October 12th, 2012:

UPDATE: The female Harle GD began her transport to BHRR today. She is now safely tucked in her overnight home….

We have been told that she has been horribly neglected and is naturally confused plus nervous yet: sweet.

Soon sweet girl….you shall be here very soon….

UPDATE #2: Friday October 12th, 2012 from the ACO of the Shelter:

Hello everyone, 

I just want to say Thank you to Jeff for giving me an update on Star tonight, for keeping her over night. I am so grateful for Rhonda, Gwen, and each one of you that make all of this possible for these dogs. 

X is a great girl that deserves more than what she had received in her past life, now she has a wonderful future. I will miss her. She does well on a leash and will warm up to you quickly. We wree mixing dry food with can food to try to put some weight on her and to entice her to eat more. Loves to be loved on and loves to give you love!! 



UPDATE #3: Friday October 12th, 2012 From the family overnighter here:

X is a big, big, girl. She is thin, but very tall, and will require a large crate on the transport. (I think that she could be a good candidate to be tethered though, if needed. She’s pretty laid back.) We had her in a 42” crate when transporting her from Williamstown to home, and she still seemed cramped. She is a real sweetheart, and if I thought that I could talk Debbie into keeping her, I would! She ate very well, and was given a second portion, and ate all of that too. She walks well on a leash, doesn’t pull much at all. She is very loveable, and will make someone a great companion and friend once she gets adjusted. Since she is going across the border to Canada, we checked her paperwork, and it all seems in order.

That’s about it for tonight. I will send an update in the morning if needed. Safe travels everyone.



BHRR's Autumn – At the Shelter in KY, USA