BHRR's Scarlett was at the Vet with me last night and she weighed a WOW 38.5 KGs(84.7 pounds). SO, all that weight and a wee bit more that she lost during her complicated spay is now back on in her own body weight!!!

She is such an affectionate girl and yes, all Pyr in so many ways with 'what is in it for me, if I do not want to do what you want me to do, when you want me to do it!' LOL

She was my co-pilot on the way to work and some photos posted of her below.

She is not a wallflower, this girl. Confident in many ways yet, she does do a wee bit of sub/excite urination in strange settings. Not too much. The more she learns what is expected of her as she is communicated to in a clear, calm and effective leadership fashion; the more she understands what is appropriate and she has no issues sharing the communal water bowls(2 of them) and she is more 'crank bluff' than anything when dogs walk by her crate when eating. Her food is a high value item and she is fed in a crate and we have no issues touching anything of hers yet, having come into BHRR so painfully thin – somewhat emaciated – food is naturally a coveted item for her.

If kibble is spilled on the floor, she no longer rushes in to snatch it up and while she wants it; she is not resourcing over it. As she is fed on time, given enough food and that she learns that no one is going to fight her for her food or take it away; she has relaxed and trusted and now is more 'cranky' if a dog walks by and she likes to see them 'jump.' THOSE girls are so smart and can be very manipulative! LOL

She cannot get enough of humans and BOY! Is she good with BHRR's Spice and BHRR's Sugar. Our nickname for her is 'little mama' and though, just a mere baby herself; she is sooooooooooo good! She feels so much better and just today was out playing for 2.5 hours straight and it made my heart soar!

She is now ready to spread her wings further and take that next step and may her right matched forever loving home find her and take the leap of faith in knowing that this is one SUPER dog and as long as you are an effective leader, calm and positively assertive, the pyr in this girl is content to allow someone to take care of her until she arrived at BHRR, no one was taking care of her…clearly, as she was pregnant and very ill coming to BHRR.

She is so low maintenance. Just a very quiet and well mannered girl in the house and her leash manners are abounding, along with all of her other obedience skills.

She had a lot of fans last night at KAH and I do not blame them! She is the dog that reminds me of BHRR's Holden, that many will not 'see' her as they find themselves surrounded by the attention seekers/grabbers in other dogs and they will overlook her and that is a shame. YET, just as with BHRR's Holden, her right matched forever loving home shall see her for ALL the gold and jewels she is and will apply to adopt her.

She is independent while also being dependent. She has proven 100% house trustworthy in our home, is housebroken and she gets along with all the dogs here.

If you remind her gently to mind her manners, she is a real bomb proof dog. Do not give her an inch for she will take a mile; yet; on the other hand, give her love, consistency, structure, routine and obedience and she will hand you her whole heart and soul at your feet and you will be deeply humbled…….

LOVE this dog! She is honest, no sneakiness in her at all. What you see if what you get.

She can go to a home that does or even does not have another dog, or has more than one right matched personality fit dog, a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. as she is once again, another very versatile dog.

She is a gorgeous compact girl! Lovely in proportion and those eyes…yup! MORE gorgeous eyes to drown in! 🙂


BHRR's Scarlett – October 2nd, 2012 – MY Super Co-pilot on the way to work at KAH!