Here is a picture of BHRR’s Mr. Parker’s feet & his body condition on May 6th, 2009. I have also added slides # 6 – #24. I am regretful that I am not able to get a current weight on BHRR’s Mr. Parker due to my pneumonia but I shall post a current height shortly. He will have a nail trim as soon as he is more settled in and more relaxed with things. I also desire to extend a heartfelt thanks to whomever gave him his collar and leash. THANK you! He is ‘all’ puppy and a puppyhood he shall now enjoy! I just wanted to also post what an INCREDIBLE boy Mr. Parker is because I had to draw blood for Sean to take to the hospital and as Parker is terrified of Sean, this was going to pose a wee bit of a challenge and then I thought….hmmmmm, I wonder if he will just lie there and let me draw blood without anyone holding him. So, I drew his blood by myself and I did two tubes from the back leg and then I drew 2 more from the front leg and Parker just lied there as calm and quiet as can be. YOU tell me how many dogs, let alone a new ‘rescued’ animal that has only been with you a few days; that you can do this too. The only other dog that I have been able to do this on all by myself to date is my CH. Dyceman. GOOD BOY PARKER! Lots of yummies for that!  😀 Today, Parker has a new friend to add to his growing list; BHRR’s Shiva. They like to ‘rock’ the house…sigh…LOL

BHRR’s Mr. Parker – Feet & Body Condition May 6th, 2009