I have been in touch with Louise Peterson and I have an item being shipped to BHRR to help try and raise some funds for Mr. Parker’s care. Louise has always been so very kind to BHRR and I have the following cropped Great Dane 6.5″ pewter business card holder being shipped to me. http://www.danesculptor.com/gallery/functional/bcard/ THANK you Louise for discounting this for us and in paying the s&h. BHRR has no more reserve funds at this time and our next BHRR Fundraiser is not until July 2009. We are also very short of dog food again and would be very appreciative of any and all support sent to help us continue to take care of Danes like BHRR’s Mr. Parker. He is the 3rd emaciated Great Dane that has entered our program recently and will require a lot of vetting plus TLC to rehab him to a healthy frame of body and mind. I would like to hold a small online auction and if you have any items(tug ropes, collars, leashes, gift certificates etc.) that you might be willing to donate; please contact Gwen directly. I am hoping that we can bring him home to BHRR on May 4th yet we will take things one step at a time. Thanks as always in advance for the consideration!