*she is the last of the 12 that BHRR brought in from the PAWS R US seizure to be placed up for adoption and SHE did it! SO proud of her and her progress!

She was the one that was most fearful and turned inward and catatonic. She would take to bullying and manipulating her sister, BHRR's Peanut to try and control her world and take care of herself and her sister. 🙁

She has taken a long time to learn about toys and yummy treats and bones BUT she 'gets it now'!

She is the one that I was most worried may not make it to the point of being able to be placed up for adoption yet, in the last month to 6 weeks, we have made leaps and bounds and strides and jumping up and down moments! She is the one that I was most worried would be a fear biter as she was so tense and stressed and BHRR's Gretta was the one that took the longest to get to eat and put the weight on and keep it on.

She was so stressed and even today, the overhead fans can spook her and doorways yet; nothing like it was and more like how it is for BHRR's Peanut and BHRR's Freedom etc. now.

I figured out the trick to getting these FREEDOM Danes to eat and patience, patience and more patience and time and time and more time and consistency and routine and just understanding this pedigree line of Great Danes. She is 15 years of taking in Danes from the same pedigree line.

Like her mother, BHRR's Adele and sister BHRR's Peanut, she needs to see windows and will still try to climb over doors(those that do not have the windows in) to get to see windows. Not long after these FREEDOM DANES arrived, Sean & I had to take out the window to the door to our sunroom as these Danes would stand on their hind end and dig their front feet into the window edge and stare to the outside and then fall asleep standing up. Would break your heart…..In fact, I have a photo in BHRR's Adele's blog that shows her standing up in that exact spot and position.

She like her sister BHRR's Peanut knows how to open the paddle door handles and love to let themselve in and out and in and out! LOL

So, if we close that door, she will climb over it in her almost panic to be able to have access to the front door. The whole house of ours is made out of windows and these Freedom Danes need to know they have options and a way out. They are products of their past for sure. 🙁

She is more quiet about asking for affection and will stand quietly by your side or come over very quietly. She is getting better and better about being more overt and the BHRR's Journey HEART biscuits really won her over! 🙂

She will need a quiet home, one that is patient, kind, understanding and full of structure and routine. She has had full run of our house for many many many months and has never destroyed a thing. She does like to eat in a crate and lay in there for quiet den time yet; as long as she is fed in a quiet area, she should be just fine.

She likes to lay on Bleach's dog couch at night to sleep and her closest friend is BHRR's Cosette since her sister was adopted recently. While I know that she misses her, she has not stopped eating, has not been depressed and this is a great sign for from the moment they first arrived to BHRR, I let these three Danes(mom and siblings) be together and yet, trained them as individuals, together and in small and large groups. While they remained quite close, each one has developed and grown as indivduals and developed their own social network and connections plus relationships with other dogs.

She does not need to be adopted to a home that already has a dog yet, if that home had a like minded personality fit for her, that would be lovely. She is not a wallflower in many ways and all of these FREEDOM dogs are survivors and have to have backbone to have survived. Even if those backbones had been fractured and broken in many places.

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, is semi-retired, retired, works from home etc. as she is completely housebroken and trustworthy and that versatile.

She is getting better and better in cars and visiting places and the patience of that right matched forever loving home is going to pay off HUGE!

She makes me feel really tender towards her……what she shows on the outside is becoming more and more of a reflection of the really amazing beautiful creature that has been hiding inside and she has been masking it with other behavours.

She takes treats very gently from my hand and there is no resourcing issues at all.

She is fully integrated with all the dogs here and has been almost from the very beginning.

She, like any neglected/abused animal if cornered and pushed beyond her comfort zone will crumble. Bowls still make her nervous yet, not as bad as before.

Strangers still worry her some but better and better if people are just patient and kind and acknowledge and then passively ignore.

She is a real star that has really begun to shine with the bright lights that have been kept so tightly hidden from the world as she tried to protect herself…..

It is now time for her to spread her wings further and carry on all of the foundation work laid so strongly at BHRR for her in her right matched forever loving home!

BHRR's Gretta