OK! Here are BHRR’s Dana’s pictures from March 2009. Slides #9 – #15. She could also benefit from a new collar if anyone would like to consider treating her to one. She has also long ago outgrown the doggie coat that was sent with her as a gift(THANK YOU AGAIN!) and she will require a new one come the fall; if anyone would like to assist us on that front. We try to ensure that all the Danes here have a coat to call their own; yet we are still very short. As I just posted on Oceané’s blog; now that we are April; I will have to take even more updated pictures of Dana! 😛 She is doing FANTASTIC. She has not enjoyed being cut back on her food yet again yet I have broken it up into three smaller meals, so that she does not feel that ‘panicked’ remembered feeling of starving and that has kept her quite settled. She is at a great weight at this time(will have to bring her in to get a new weight) and I do not wish to see her ‘bulk’ up further. Her coat is just so shiny and black and so lovely to feel.