FREEDOM DANES BHRR's Peanut and BHRR's Cobalt made the long drive on the 13th with me and a BHRR Volunteer to do the hv for a possible adoption.

BOTH did just fantastic in the car as always and BHRR's Cobalt had no space worries at all! Sometimes he can still get a wee bit cranky in the car if there are other dogs to jostle with or in doorways BUT very rarely these days!

BHRR's Cobalt walked into their backyard and home like a rockstar and every home visit and trip I do, this dog just gets better and better and better. HIS obedience is just amazing now! He will even give you a paw so endearingly to entice you to allow him to have more treats! LOL

Either dog would have been a good fit; yet; BHRR's Peanut was the better fit as their first preference was a female, a small GD(BHRR's Cobalt is close to 115 pounds now) and they have a lot of experience working with a dog that needs lots of patience, kindness and slow movements to carry forward on the strong foundation they have achieved to date at BHRR.

BHRR's Cobalt was such a goofy boy in their house, extremely social and neither dog could have cared less for the cat that was there! No issues AT ALL!

So, once again BHRR's Cobalt proves that he is fabu with cats and BHRR's Peanut just did me so proud herself!!! 🙂 She even went up and down their one flight of stairs as she trusted me. She had some troubles with their doorways and that is very commond with these FREEDOM DOGS. While we were talking she preferred laying under their table touching my feet and was calm and quiet and though there was a bit of pacing and panting in the beginning, that subsided and she relaxed as much as she could under all the new surroundings. With the detailed blogs, information package on her sent and the conversations we have had today, they should have optimum success with her.

Leaving her was hard…..yet, this is what I do day in and day out.

GOING to miss you my sweet girl!

AND BHRR's Cobalt your right matched forever loving home is out there! 🙂 I KNOW it is! 🙂

FREEDOM DANE BHRR's Peanut adopted Thursday September 13th!
*What a great 16th anniversary pressie for Sean & I!*