On August 30th, I received the following request for assistance:

   "My name is Caroline X, I work for the X Humane Society, on Aug 16 a 9mth old, female, St.Bernard x Great Pyrenees came into our care.  She is a very sweet girl, a favorite amongst the staff, unfortunately during our assessment she showed signs of resource guarding, she was fine with food and toy.  We do not have the facility or staff to help work with her through this.  She is a great, young dog but unfortunately we cannot adopt her here.  I have until Sept 13 to find her a rescue."

In asking for more information, I was told that her assessment was great up until the point when the evaluation just ended and they went to try and take the current rawhide away from her. She did not growl or try to bite, yet; the staff was not comfortable with how she 'looked'.

I said that BHRR would be happy to commit and yet, we would not have a spot until the week of September 15th and this HS was very happy to hold on to her until then. Once she arrives, she shall have plenty of structure and consistency under Gwennie's Doggie Boot camp! 😉

She is unspayed and about 80 pounds of weight at that time.

Below are a couple of photos of this stunning beauty!

She is scheduled to arrive on Saturday September 15th, 2012