August 30th, 2012 – This is BHRR's Concert's second journal entry of her my wish for her 'warmth and love from caring people', a celebration of the life that she is going to be living for as long as we can give it to her in quality!

*This photo(thanks to M. Bird) really shows the comparison between her feet

She only has a few weeks left and unfortunately, as much as Dr. Liston wished he could have reduced the size of the tumour to give her more time; it is just not possible. It is so large and growing aggressively and even attempting to try and remove part(she would also need to lose at least two toes and that was the same thing we faced last Saturday that with her size – even as a small female at 101 pounds today; the weight bearing and balance would not be possible) would only have the tumour coming back and fast within a couple of weeks and she would have also lost valuable quality time in the process as she would be healing and need to be kept quiet. She would be missing out on life…..

Dr. Liston had hoped to even maybe do a skin graft after removing part of the turmour(the largest part) yet the one part of the tumour is already growing up her leg and has worked its way through the second toe and is into the third toe.


As was discussed last Saturday with her Vet at KAH, a leg amputation would be the 'best' option *IF* the Cancer was not already in her lungs and per Dr. Liston; if the Cancer is being this aggressive on her foot; you can guarantee that it is doing the same in her lungs and she already now has one cancer lump on her one side visible.

Dr. Liston supports that as this Cancer(fribrosarcoma) is fast growing, that we should just 'take her home and love her' and give her as much 'life' as we can. He encourages us to celebrate her life and show her love and felt truly disappointed that he could not do more for her.

He said that if this was his dog, he would just let her live the life she has left and enjoy it.

AND being the exceptional being he is, he did not charge for any of the consults I have had with him this week nor today's exams.

He is amazing!

Thank you to Margaret & Maggie for coming with me and Gloria, I so wished you could have been there and I am glad that we had the conversation we had tonight.
AND when it is her time, as I posted before and promised to Gloria again, Gloria is going to come with me and we are going to hold her tight in our loving arms and kiss her and whisper in her ears how much she is cherished.

Here are two videos of her night:


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August 30th, 2012 – Outside of Liston Animal Hospital – just relaxing and being loved on after her appointment
*Photos courtesy of M. Bird

*She is wearing two VERY special collars worn by other amazing dogs to give her lots of positive vibes and great karma energy.