UPDATE: the news for BHRR's Concert is a devastating, heart sinking and crushing.Per Dr. Crews, there are at least 6 nodules of tumours that have metastasized to her lungs. She shall have palliative care for as long as we can keep her comfortable and will remain on pain meds. Her time is very short with us I am so saddened to say and I am going to make every experience for her over this next short while; one full of quality and heart and kindness.

Though, I may have not known her long; for those that have met her; all can attest to just how much of an impact she makes on your heart and soul.
I have had detailed conversations full of tears with KAH, Sean and Gloria and when it is her time to cross over; Gloria( her rescue angel) is going to come with me and we shall both hold her close and whisper in her ears just how much she really was loved and that our tears are a reflection of that love.
I want to thank each and everyone for their emails, calls, notes and posted words of best wishes plus thoughts for BHRR's Concert.
At this time, for those asking what can they do for her; she would love:
1) canned food – salmon, whitefish, tuna etc.
2) dog beds and duvets/comforters
3) very large socks for her foot
4) your continued blessings and well wishes
5) if anyone is open to having her & I just come and visit for a brief time to allow her the added knowledge of more loving experiences from others, please let me know contactbhrr@gmail.com Though her time is very limited; and I cannot take away the past of her previous humans leaving her medically untreated, suffering and then dumping her on the road like trash; what I can give her is time with others that equally care for her and want to show her that she is priceless and deserving of great things!
6) donations to her Vet bills remain so gratefully received yet; at, this time; I would rather her receive items of direct personal comfort to her for her to enjoy. I can personally pay off her remaining bills in time THANKS to each of you that so very generously donated to date. I remain humbly indebted by all of your support!! Immensely!! Please know that!!
For me, I am upset and angry that she could have had years if she had just been treated earlier…..These are the days in rescue that really hurt.
I am so very sorry dear sweet BHRR's Concert. 🙁
I am going to go hug her again….