BHRR's Scarlett is now safely at BHRR. We are relieved to have her finally here. Here is my post of thanks to all those that assisted this weeked on the latest transport of many dogs to their new lives!

So Mallie(BHRR's Scarlett) has now arrived safely to BHRR! 

No issues at all upon arrival. Was very submissive coming in to our house and seeing/walking by a few of our dogs and she is now resting. Socialisation and training 101 shall begin. 🙂 The journey of her rehabilitation now starts towards a loving forever home future!

We are looking forward in getting to know her and from myself, Sean and Mallie; we want to thank EACH of you for all that has been done to get her and all the others gems to their destinations!!! 

Thanks for all the updates and Lucy; thank you for your magic once again in pulling this weekend's run together.

So many amazing people out there helping these deserving animals and I am so grateful to each of you.


Below are some excerpts on her journey. WHAT a long haul this was for her…. 🙁 It has been a very long week for us waiting for her arrival!

From Lauren R.:
I had Mallie in my car today(Saturday) and she was a sweetheart. She was a little growly when she got near some of the other dogs but it didn't take much to distract her away. 

She needed an alley-oop into my car and settled right in.

Diane Baxert M.:
She was an absolute doll!  No problem getting her into the car & quiet as a mouse during the drive.  I'm sure with a bit of socialization & her great disposition, she will be the perfect fur kid!  Good Luck Mallie to your new life in Canada!  

Renee C:
Mallie is just a sweetie – tired, slept all the way to Oshawa  to meet Julie – who had a liver treat so they are now best friends

So yes, Mallie's social skills could use some finessing. She has a lousy meet and greet. But she's got to be 90% black lab, which pretty much means in her world, liver 1st, people-attention 2nd and everything else including the cat third.
She did snarl and go after my dogs but was easily re-directed.  Initially she was curious about the cat but then decided she better chase and then slime it. No harm done. Have escorted him to higher ground.

At the moment she seems pretty playful, running around the yard chasing a ball (but doesn't seem to know what to do with it) and tolerating the other dogs fine.  She comes back to check in and get her liver every few minutes or so. Lovely girl 🙂

Nighty night..

A Costco Dog bed
$ towards Vet bills
Dino Smoked Bones
Rope Toys

August 24th, 2012 – you can sure see the Great Pyrenees!
*photos courtesy of Lauren