I brought Mazda in with me last night and as always what a happy ‘tail’ Kanga-Dane of a gal she was! LOL She weighed in at a very nice and lean 53.4 KGs(117.48 pounds) and continues to steal the hearts of all around her. I much prefer Mazda at this weight or even a wee bit thinner. I have decided to add another section(will be under construction as with many things on our site) on how to tell if your Great Dane is too skinny or fat. I have been seeing FAR too many Great Danes grossly overweight to the point of obesity and yet their owners call them ‘solid’, ‘full of muscle’ or ‘lean’. In fact, I have just recently seen some new pictures of some of our adopted Danes over the years and it very much concerned me over how unbelieveably fat they were. You are not doing your Dane any service by feeding them to the point where they are a head and a big body on spindly legs. *IF* you CANNOT see the last two ribs faintly on your Dane; they are too fat. If they have no ‘defined’ stomach as in they are ‘tucked’ your Dane is too fat. We are going to see even more problems with hips and hearts, should owners continue to overfed their Danes like this. That being said, I will add a section under ‘other places’ to visit on this topic.