I am so behind and I cannot recall the last time I have been this behind in updating blogs and as some know; we are very busy with KB/JB plus have recently lost BHRR’s Klondike plus we focus all of our time/energy on the animals here with our hands on programs. Gwen has also now been brought on board as the behavoural expert in one of the worst cruetly situations we definitely have witnessed in 20+ years of being in Rescue. That being said, in respect to Ocean, she is doing amazing!! New pics need to be taken and added yet below are two pictures taken on February 26th, 2009 Ocean and Lil Linus….. She is doing awesome and every single test that has been run has come back ‘normal’ so I de-wormed her again JUST in case she was still postive for G(false negatives are not all that uncommon in testing..though testing is getting better); and that seems to have worked! She is gaining well and is active, loving and with how things have been, I have still to micrcochip her. She is such a puppy in so many ways and a dignified lady ‘goof’ in others. I just have to capture how this dog sleeps, TALK about flexible! LOL THAT most certainly cannot be comfortable yet she loves it! LOL She has many ‘sleeping’ poses and hopefully, I can capture some of them. Her obedience is just bombing along and I have made the decision that she is ready to go up for adoption…..Her need for continued leash manner training can continue in her new home(AND she still needs it) but she truly does not need us for much any longer. She is smart as a whip and she most definitely can hear certain ‘tones’ and ‘sounds’ yet she is also very perceptive and intuitive about things. Ocean is also the biggest monkey in climbing things! UGH! LOL She is so nimble, flexible and agile(Kanga-Dane in there!) that she can figure out how to manouver over a 48″ crate and get to the rubber made container and open it without any crashes or bangs……sigh…. 😛 She has also demonstrated that our almost 6 foot fence is nothing for her curious self to jump over and then walk the fence line to just jump back in because she can…..she has done this twice and that is BHRR’s Miss Gracie behavour there! We have had to be quite resourceful(lunge line when we need it and never ever unsupervised) and our fence will be made to almost 8 feet come spring. She is eager to please and her new home will have to understand to be careful with sudden and large hand or flighty movements for she still can ‘hit’ the ground in fear…but she is getting better and better. Just as I used to do with LT(gosh the memories! LOL and POOR Sean at 2:00 AM..listening to us but she is very receptive then)is race around the house with papertowel rolls and we play ‘tag’……She gives me the best of hugs every night before bed and can easily be a charmer in her desire to stay on the bed with you….LOL She is very sensitive and any correction is to be done carefully. I have not crated her in some time except to eat or if all of us are gone for more than a couple of hours and she has been doing fantastically, but she still is a baby and too much freedom for too long in too large of a place could prove to be too much if her new home is not careful. She is also an early AM riser(groan) and likes to zoom on the bed JUST like Snowball used to and while she is not the energizer bunny that Snowball was, she can ‘hold’ her own. Being around so many female dogs here has continued to build up Ocean’s confidence for her backbone has always been there but she is getting so much better in not letting ‘Alvin/Dana’ LOL push/boss her around. GOOD for her! Ocean likes to ‘tease’ Soul…for some reason he is completely enamored with her LIKE I have never seen with any animal before and I think he has a crush on her 😉 ……Soul has always been our ‘bachelor Uncle’ Dane and Ocean is such a monkey to him…poor boy…LOL Ocean will need continued work in shaping her personality in the right sweet and loving direction she has and also to continue on her ‘gentle’ skills when playing…poor Bronson takes a pounding from this girl in play……and he outweighs her by at least 50 pounds! LOL This is a Dane that Sean and I know that our hearts could really enjoy having her here with us as she has fit in so amazingly into our home but her time is coming to be placed up for adoption. The other thing that Ocean has started to do(THANKS Shiva! LOL) is bark in some excitement when you come home and she is in her crate. You can tell from her bark that she is not 100% deaf…….This Dane has depth and character and a joy of life that is just breathtaking. She has been a true delight being in our home. I will have to get a current weight/height on her plus wanted to post that she has very tender feet. The melting and then freezing of the melting snow has been hard on her…she had many cuts and sore/raw spots and when I tried to put booties on her to go out; she looked at them like they were aliens and Soul was always very happy to help her take them off….  😛

Oceané & Lil Linus- February 26th, 2009